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price_$850 SEO


price_$850 SEO
Short Description:
With our dedicated search engine optimization professionals on your side, you are ready to receive maximum returns on your online investment. You can also reduce the pressure on your present workforce, serve your clients better and focus on getting new clients with added vigor.

Product Description

Trust the Professionals!

Gain the Advantage Together with our dedicated search engine optimization professionals on your side, you're ready for maximum returns on your internet investment. You could also reduce the pressure in your current workforce, serve your customers better and concentrate on getting new customers with additional vigor.

Have you got the resources to maintain your website ever optimizing and evolving?

  • Advise on which search engines and directories like to see, steer you clear of known trip-wires, and hopefully, help you avoid future ones. 
  • All with the aim of optimizing ranks in search engines and directories. 
  • It is up to the search engine Consultant to not only know about present and past trip-ups but to attempt to foresee where potential problems might arise.

Our offshore search engine optimization consultants are a cost-effective means of doing precisely that. You don't need to devote your valuable time and money for hiring, training, managing and keeping on-site employees. Our consultants are specialists in their respective fields and are prepared to add value to your internet property from day one. 

With our offshore employee choices you-

  • Prevent the recruitment of onsite staff and payment of wages and overhead cost
  • Avoid the hassle and expense of routine personnel management like HR, training, promotion, holiday, leaves etc.. From the fast-changing online world, your site requires constant upgrades to stay at the top. Be it adapting to the newly emerging search engine algorithms, running successful online ad campaigns, compiling the ideal links or keeping up with the most recent web designs, your website needs constant tweaking to stay competitive in e-business. That's the reason you need expert and committed SEO consultants to always work on your site and keep you ahead of the competition.

Search engine optimization is becoming more and more intricate. The ranking algorithms incorporate many factors that are unpredictable in effect. Thus your website requires full-time attention and customized care of an SEO consultant. The expert attends to the specific requirements of your website and regularly upgrades the website to keep up with the most recent algorithms.

What are Search Engine Optimization consultant can do for you?

  • Advise on what search engines and directories like to see, steer you clear of known trip-wires, and hopefully, help you avoid future ones.
  • All with the objective of maximizing rankings in search engines and directories.
  • It's up to the search engine Consultant to not only be aware of past and present trip-ups but to try to foresee where future problems could arise.

Full-Time SEO Consulting Services Offering

  • Minimum Man Hours /mo 160 hours[/*]
  • Works exclusively for you [/*]
  • Number of websites which can be managed Upto 5 sites[/*]
  • Number of keywords per site 20 per site[/*]
  • Total Years of Experience 3+ Years[/*]
  • Review and Analysis [/*]
  • Content Duplicacy Check [/*]
  • Initial Backlinks analysis [/*]
  • Google Penalty Check [/*]
  • Extensive consultation to define the goals [/*]
  • In-depth site analysis for search engine compatibility [/*]
  • Keyword research & web site analysis using proprietary tools [/*]
  • Keyword analysis for the most targeted and productive keywords [/*]
  • Mobile Usability Check [/*]
  • Competition Analysis [/*]
  • On Page Optimization[/*]
  • Title & Meta Tags Optimization [/*]
  • Content Optimization 
  • Website Content Writing 
  • HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization 
  • Internal Link Structuring & Optimization 
  • Pages H tags Optimization 
  • Canonicalization/301 Redirect 
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization [/*]
  • Robots.txt Creation/Analysis [/*]
  • Sitemap Creation [/*]
  • Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Setup [/*]
  • Google Analytics Setup & Integration [/*]
  • Mobile site optimization [/*]
  • Page Speed Analysis & Optimization [/*]
  • Schema Markup Implementation [/*]
  • Content Marketing and Link Acquisition (Per month)[/*]
  • Blog Writing[/*]
  • Informational Content Writing & Sharing[/*]
  • Press Release Writing & Distribution[/*]
  • Press Release Social Bookmarking[/*]
  • Guest Blog Posting[/*]
  • Guest Blog Social Bookmarking[/*]
  • Magazine / News Placement[/*]
  • Q&A Posting[/*]
  • Premium PR Distribution[/*]
  • Infographic Creation & Distribution 1 every 2nd month[/*]
  • DOC / PDF Submission [/*]
  • Social Media Marketing (Minimum monthly output)[/*]
  • Google Plus Page Setup [/*]
  • Facebook Page Setup [/*]
  • Twitter Account Creation [/*]
  • Unique Social Media Posting[/*]
  • Video Marketing (Per month)[/*]
  • Youtube Channel Creation [/*]
  • Video / PPT Creation + Distribution [/*]
  • Video Marketing & Submission Total 3[/*]
  • Local Search Optimization[/*]
  • NAP Syndication & Citation Building [/*]
  • Google + Local & Bing Local Listing [/*]
  • Local Search Engine Submission [/*]
  • Updating Pages for Local Search [/*]
  • Classified Submissions [/*]
  • Monthly Reporting[/*]
  • Search Engine Ranking [/*]
  • SEO Reports [/*]
  • Google Analytics Analysis Report [/*]
  • Activity Report [/*]
  • Monthly Action Plan [/*]
  • Customer Support[/*]
  • Email/ Chat/ Telephone [/*]
  • Minimum Man Hours Per Month 160 hours[/*]
  • *Minimum Contract Duration 3 Months[/*]
  • Customer Support[/*]
  • Email/ Chat/ Telephone [/*]
  • Minimum Man Hours Per Month 160 hours[/*]
  • *Minimum Contract Duration 3 Months[/*]

Advantages of hiring a Full-Time SEO Consultant

  • We have experienced search engine optimization (SEO), Consultant, to work for you full time.[

  • Our search engine optimization (SEO) Consultant work offshore. This means they are cost effective.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) companies and web development firms can take immediate advantage of our consulting services and break free from the workload.

  • Outsource your SEO consulting services to us, get quality work and save from day one with our experience SEO Team.

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